About Me

Personal Ambitions

I dedicate a large portion of my time to the reasons behind my actions. I am a strong believer in leading by example and operating under the assumption that the best outcome will be produced as a consequence of my effort. It’s common to find me journaling or updating the database of thoughts that is my notes app.

My main goals include health, balance, strength, truth and understanding. These are constantly running through my mind at any given moment. They are not limited to any one dimension. Health includes physical, social and mental aspects. Strength is more focused on discipline and the willpower to do what is necessary. I’m no saint, but I devote a substantial amount of effort to prevent lies from escaping my lips. Any advice I give is the exact thing I would try to do in the situation I was provided. I don’t think of myself as an exception, and the expectations I have for others will always be less than the expectations I hold for myself.

One thing that absolutely terrifies me is becoming complacent. I am seeking out people, experiences and perspectives that I can integrate into my character. A few people have accused me of being an "over-thinker" and I can understand why. I try to monitor my mental capacity to make sure I don't become overwhelmed by thoughts, but I also need to move towards a better version of myself. Thinking allows me to analyze my observations into something that may prove to be useful.

Any fellow Spartans?

Crafting Backstory

If you haven't noticed yet, I love making just about everything. I was originally introduced to the idea of crafting by my father. I had accompanied him to his construction sites since before I can remember. Anytime I asked him a question, he'd show me how to properly use the tools involved. As a child, I also loved taking apart anything I got my hands on to try and see how it functions internally or to find what order it was constructed in.

As I grew older I began making more dangerous projects that required a bit more forethought. A metal melting foundry was one of the first times I needed to seriously consider the safety of my project because even as a 14-year old, I knew molten metal was hot! A friend of mine and I would spend hours melting down soda cans to make a few aluminum ingots. There are a lot of things I'd change about that operation if I were to do it again, but when we saw that first can collapse under its own weight and turn bright red I knew all the time, sweat and future burns were worth it.

As the years went by I continued to hone my abilities. I became a bit more ambitious and scaled up my projects. I learned to work in a group during my time with battle bots, and I started to personalize my possessions. Eventually, simple day-to-day tasks started being analyzed like my projects. Is my office chair too short? I'll just weld together an extension. Is my table wobbly and small? Let's make a custom one with LED's and secure it directly to the wall.

Can you guess my favorite color?